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Delicate and suave, this refined Romanian traditional blouse reveals its unique charm through delicate silk embroidery, masterfully unfolding as fascinating lavender flowers. Embroidered with silk and bunded by vertical borders, the ornaments adorn the sleeves and chest, imprinting femininity and elegance to this exquisite ethnic shirt.

Made by hand and embroidered with lavander color silk on white cotton fabric, this fabulous traditional blouse is enriched with modern accents of delicate embroidery. Sublime and precious, the handmade shirt hand sewed with the gorgeous lavender flowers can become the centerpiece of a bohemian or elegant outfit, and can be worn in combination with a silk skirt.
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€173.80 €149.60
€173.80 €149.60

Made to measure option.

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    This traditional long sleeve shirt is embroidered with silk in shades of lavender on cotton fabric. This ethnic jewel shines due to its embroidery, 100% made by hand and decorated with traditional Lavender pattern by authentic folk artisans. Hand wash in warm water with mild suds and use moderately warm iron. Do not bleach or tumble dry. To protect the embroidery, you are advised not to use the iron directly on the blouse.

    The delicate embroidery unfolds as lavender pattern, highlighted by exquisite silk adornments. Like the tiny purple flowers that seduce us with the delicate scent they spread, this traditional blouse embroidered with lavender flowers motif reveals its subtle charm through delicate embroidery ornaments made with silk. More than a simple piece of clothing, the authentic Anilu blouse means style, originality and refinement. Anilu preserves tradition but adds subtle accents of modern to the classic peasant blouse. Unique, feminine, seductive, the exquisite Romanian blouse is a valuable and sophisticated piece of art that does not lack in any fashionistas wardrobe.

    Exclusively, Anilu.ro offers you for this product the concept Made to Measure. In this way, you can order the garment you want, which will be made as indicated by you to fit perfectly your figure. All you have to do is to tick the option Made to Measure, fill the form we will send on your e-mail with your measurements and we will tailor this fabulous ethnic blouse the way you want.

    Delicate, sensual, innocent, traditional Romanian blouse has became a fashion trend and a must have for fashionistas all over the world, fascinating both artists and fashion designers. Yves Saint Laurent was the first designer who introduced Romanian blouse in its autumn-winter 1981 collection, “La blouse roumaine”, followed by Oscar de la Renta in the early 2000s, Jean Paul Gaultier in 2006, Tom Ford in 2012 and Isabel Marant in 2013, and many others.

    In the past years, traditional Romanian blouse has transitioned from the folk culture into fashion and has become a must have for celebrities all over the world. Singer Adele posed for Vogue magazine in 2012 with a shirt signed by Tom Ford, inspired by traditional Romanian blouse; Stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Katie Holmes, Kate Moss, Anne Hathaway, Kourtney Kardashian, Nicole Kidman, Kristen Dunst, Jennifer Garner, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Halle Berry have been photographed many times wearing traditional Romanian blouse.

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    Anilu store guarantees the top quality and uniqueness of handmade clothing items, made by rare artisans who are living on forgotten lands of Romanian villages, in the Carpathian Mountains. Inherited form generation to generation, from mother to daughter, for centuries, the process of creating authentic Romanian blouses is unique in the world and can last from several days up to weeks. The legendary Romanian craftsmen sew by hand the geometrical and floral motifs on what will end up to be a unique masterpiece. Therefore, the authentic Anilu blouse is made entirely by hand, just like in ancient times, sewn with different types of hand stitches, using various colors and models, varying from a part of Romania to another, through a painstaking and lengthy process.

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